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As our first entry I would like to welcome you to our blog and hope you enjoy .
My goal with this blog is to share my passion and knowledge for the cocktails spirits and bar trade. I have spent over 15 yers in the bar trade, a decade of which I have assisted in placing Copenhagen on the map of cocktails. The change in the Danish peoples perception of cocktails and drinking has inspired me to step out of the bar and bring cocktails a little closer to you.
I would like to thank you for visiting many of the establishments I have worked at in the past and the support the Danish population has given to the cocktail industry over the last few years. It is the start of a cultural journey that we, and the associate members of the Nordic Bar Syndicate, would like to take you on. A journey into the history of cocktails and the place in society that spirits have had. We would like to remind you of a forgotten time where the cocktail hour was not two for one prices but a social gathering and where a cocktail was not just an alcoholic drink but an occasion to remember.

As our first public demonstration of our love of cocktails and spirits we are proud to present a series of exciting cocktail seminars in some of Copenhagen’s top bars.
Keep an eye on our website seminar calendar as to where and when you will be able to attend exciting and informative practical seminars.
By joining our member site we will keep you up to date with various cocktail events, seminars and happenings.


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