Cocktail Service

Let us make it special

By having our cocktail team present, you will gain more than just a server of drinks for your guests, but an extension of your own self to help host and manage your guests throughout the duration of your event and making your event special.  

Total service event

If you choose our standard option, total service event, we have already done the work for you. All you have to do is:

  • Pick the cocktail card that suits your event
  • Tell us the among of guest attending
  • And what time

and we will make sure, that everything will happen accordingly to the setting of your gathering.  

We deliver bar stations with all that is necessary to create a great cocktail experience. That includes: professional gear, glasses, spirits, fruits and ice cubes in all sizes. The bartenders arrive in white cocktail jackets and black pants and shoes. We set up the bar stations and clear out when the event is successfully conducted. 

Tailored event

To be in line with your event, we also make solutions that fit 100 % into the concept of the gathering. We will gladly participate in creating ideas and solutions and contribute with the knowledge we have gathered through the years. By tailoring the event, the guest will experience a complete and perfect event with a professional made cocktail in hand.

Service and quality

The keywords at Nordic Bar Syndicate are good service and quality. We continually train and educate our staff. All of our bartenders are professionals with minimum 3 years experience and the right among of qualified knowledge.
We don’t compromise with the quality of our services. We have high expectations to ourselves, our staff, and our providers and to ingredients and products.

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