Summer time

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Summer time is upon us
Time for fruit, sunshine, long nights, social gathering and fun

Nordic Bar Syndicate are very much looking forward for an exciting summer season. A summer full of beautiful Danish Castles, weddings, birthdays, Skagen and new business partners.

It’s the season for cocktails and thereby cocktail catering. Regardless if you’re hosting a private party or a corporate event, a well served summer cocktail will always be popular.
By having our cocktail team present, you will gain more than just a server of drinks for your guests, but an extension of your own self to help host and manage your guests throughout the duration of your event. 

One of our favourites for the summer is the Honey Smash - a delightful taste of fresh berries, honey, lime, citrus and mint.

Cheers for the summer
Gromit and crew

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