Cocktail Consultancy

Since 2000 our crew has been a large influence in the development of the Danish cocktail scene.
We have been involved with some of the cornerstone bars that have helped define what drinking culture is in Denmark today. From high-end bars, nightclubs, 5 star hotel bars, restaurant bars along with independent cocktail establishments, we have gained extensive experience and refined skills. These skills have helped shape the trade today and expand the guest experience to international standards.
Our international experience also expands to participation in numerous trade shows along with years of function as bar trainer in the Nordic countries for Maxxium Scandinavia / Edrington Group.
These activities have over the years fine-tuned our skills within our trade. This is what we want to share with you and your crew.
We can supply consultancy on the following areas:
Onsite development
Concept assistance
Cocktail card development
Staff training
Bar finance
Contact us for more information and our references.