Cocktail Seminars

Hands on - Learning by doing

With a cocktail seminar you will gain an insight to the history and production methods of numerous cocktails and spirits, as well as taste some delicious cocktails
and offered hands on experience at the same time.

Our experience has shown that a cocktail seminar, as well as being entertaining and inspirational, is a great tool when used in connection with teambuilding events or as a round-off to a day’s meeting.  Further, a cocktail seminar is also a fun and extraordinary start to a dining experience or the perfect addition to an evening event.

During a 1-2 hours seminar you will learn the practical tricks of the cocktail and bar trade along with interesting anecdotes surrounding the cocktail industry, whilst enjoying a taste of the related cocktail creations. We create intimate seminars where all are offered hands on experience.

When and where
The Nordic Bar Syndicate is fully mobile with this seminar service along with access to a long list of luxury locations to hold private group seminars.
For smaller groups you have the posibillity to join one of our planned seminars:

You'll find the Cocktail seminar calender here

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